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AASK Database Query Builder


AASK database query builder is a Java applet that allows you to construct and execute both simple and complex queries. It is highly recommended that you read 'AASK Database online help' in order to understand the structure and nature of the data stored in the AASK database.


Registration: Access to AASK is limited.  If you would like to access the AASK database please contact Prof Ed Galea, stating your name, organisation details and why you require access to the database.

Web browser: A Java enabled web browser - e.g. MS Internet Explorer, FireFox etc.

Java Plug-in: Freely available Java plug-in (See 'Security settings' below).

Security settings
: Click here (This will allow you to copy data from the Query Builder and SPV. The copied data can then be pasted into MS Excel etc). In addition to this, please make sure port 1150 is open to allow the Query Builder and SPV to function properly.

Screen Resolution: Recommended screen resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels.

nternet connection: A fast internet connection (e.g. Broadband).

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